Testimonial by Donna Scott

"I felt as if I had the flu about 90% of the time. Debilitating fatigue, pain, nausea (I carried nausea medication in my purse at all times), memory fog, and a host of other problems, bothered me most of the time. I just plain felt rotten and when I had a bad day (which was often), I would have to go to bed."

"Doctors had diagnosed me as having Fibromyalgia. I also had back problems, sciatica, and a bad shoulder that I was sure was headed for surgery...I had been given cortisone shots several times over the years, but the pain was getting worse. Since I had The Ortman Technique Treatments, most all these problems have disappeared."

A lot of people have prayed for me for 12-15 years for my healing. I never dreamed the Lord would choose to use the Ortman Clinic to literally GIVE ME BACK MY LIVE. IT TRULY IS A MIRACLE!"

"Now, instead of carrying nausea medication in my purse, I carry Ortman Clinic brochures."

"Praise the Lord, and thank you all at the clinic for allowing the Lord to use your healing hands in the wonderful way. You help so many people to have a life again"

- Donna Scott


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