Ortman Clinic Doctors

The Ortman Clinic is a rural, family-owned chiropractic clinic located in Canistota, South Dakota.  Our 10 licensed doctors exclusively treat patients with a chiropractic manipulation different from any other chiropractors: the Ortman Technique. The Ortman Technique was created in 1915 by Dr. Amon Ortman and is administered as it was 100 years ago: using firm thumb pressure to correct spinal misalignment and balance nerve, soft tissue, and joint functions while the patient is seated.

Ortman Clinic doctors, Winter 2017: Front Row (Left to Right): Dr. Jay Ortman, Dr. Derrick Ortman, Dr. Ivan Ortman, Dr. Ryan Esser, Dr. Lon Weiland and Dr. Todd Weiland; Second Row: Dr. Nathan Ligtenberg, Dr. Charles Ortman, Dr. Ryan Ortman and Dr. Doug Ortman

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